CIP 3rd Nov!

Today I spent about 4 hours at my primary school, the loveliest RGPS. I was there helping out for the carnival, and I shall say, that its really different when you go to a school as a student as compared to going to school as an alumni.

I mean, obviously right. But really, all the teachers there just treat you as an equal really different from a kid. And when you’re there as a job to discipline kids instead of being one of them, baby shit gets really different!

I had to be firm but really I didn’t know how to without making them cry. So I have to say I was quite redundant at the side while the teacher did most work.

Anyway I had fun really helping and talking to all those little kids that wanted to play at my station, and I got CIP hours, so what gives!

This evening we were supposed to have a barbecue to celebrate our moms birthday but it started raining and we couldn’t get to it, so we ended up using the teppan at home to cook our food. It was lame really but it couldn’t be helped.

Sorry for not posting in a while! got busy really.