I’m glad for the short escape! I’ll be traveling to Greece later tonight for a 10-day music festival in Rhodes!

Now it’s late morning, and I’m catching a bus to the mall to grab some paint and brushes I forgot to finish my van gogh painting. Whoops gosh almost missed the bus. Lucky he stopped for me!

Anyways before I can get my art materials and maybe some takoyaki too ^_^ I have to drop by the library to return a library book I borrowed from my friend. It’s a really good book, by the way. It is the first in its series, the Vampire Academy. Id love to borrow the rest today but my to-read list is already quite long, and even taking time out to read is hard to find.

Reaching the mall soon, I’ll post another one later at the airport if I’ve got time! if not its good bye until the 23rd if they haven’t got free wifi there! Byee! -Chloe