this week..

This week was just tiring! Although not as crammed as last week. Now I’m waiting at the bus stop near school to go to WCP for lunch and I need to do some shopping. There’s 95th Anniversary school dinner tomorrow, although I have packing to do! I’m really excited for next week as I’ll be going to Rhodes Island, Greece for a Music Festival! I’m looking forward to it because I get to rest from stressful school so far, and I’ve been doing my appropriate preparation for homework during my absence.

Most teachers were quite shocked that I’ll be going away during term time but I’ve already gotten it settled with the principal, and she agreed during the holidays. Various subjects are just being plaqued with lots of homework and I’m so seeing what to expect for upper secondary next year. At least by then I wouldn’t have that much piano to worry about!

I’m quite worried I won’t have enough time to pack because after being gone the most of Saturday, I have tuition again on Sunday afternoon. I’m kind of thinking of changing tuition timings to once a week so I won’t be as stressed out, but I’ll have to check again with my cousin so we can go at the same timing.

Should have posted this before the weekends but oh wells ill just do this now.


I had been all set to post about Switzerland’s tunnels this winter.  A day or two before I was going to publish the post, Switzerland experienced its second worst road accident.  On March 13, 2012, a bus carrying Belgian schoolchildren and teachers on the way home from a ski trip crashed into a tunnel wall in Sierre.  According to Wikipedia, “(o)f the 52 people on board, 28 were killed in the crash, including both drivers, all four teachers, and 22 of the 46 children. The other 24 pupils, all aged between 10 and 12, were injured, including three who were hospitalised with severe brain and chest injuries.”  Belgium declared a day of morning and there were many memorial celebrations here in Switzerland.

I collect ideas for my post and look for opportunities to take accompanying photograph (and vice versa).  When we drove to Wilder to see the Tschäggättä

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