Just less than an hour ago, the results for our band performance came out! We got Gold for NBC!! What we took month to practice for finally paid off, and we got the Gold we were aiming for!

Last night, I slept at 11 pm according to curfew, and even though today came off to a rocky start, the day just got progressively better as we got nearer an nearer to our NBC performance! I was calm as we got to the performance venue, warmed up and got ready. We had 10 minutes to warm up before we went onto stage.

Alas, it was our turn and we got up the stage as a band. I got to my seat and sat down, feeling my palms getting sweaty already. Our conductor came up the stage and our performance began. Overall we played well but my fingers did slip on the keys a few times and I screwed up the short phrase.

As they were announcing the results hours later, we were all holding our breaths as they announced our band, followed by the percentage, and then the grade. At 80 something percent, we got gold!! Screams of joy and happiness erupted from where we were seated and we cheered on for ourselves. Although we were all contented, our student conductor thought we could do better and our conductor was quite disappointed. However, most of us expected a silver and getting a gold was much of an honor.

This is my first band competition and we got a gold! I’m really glad for that and that was a really great way to end June 2012! Now, upcoming July will be even more interesting and fun filled for my life! -Chloe