just another school day..

I’m so exhausted today. Seriously just spent the past week mostly in school and in hand practicing for NBC tomorrow. We’ve been spending lots of time on this so if we don’t get the gold I’ll be really unhappy.

Anyway I’m just tired of all sorts of shit people are up to. So much and I’m just speechless. And I’ve been feeling endlessly guilt for something i did that I shouldn’t have. of course, that’s what people feel guilty for don’t they. But I’m so agitated at the fact that I did what I had done I can’t stand it. I can’t live this down.

I’m here because lj was just a bitch on me totally. The fic I spent about 1 hour on is totally GONE because they did not draft it for me. The HELL man.

I’m tired enough and should’ve been asleep half an hour ago so I guess this is the end. Wish us luck for NBC tomorrow! -Chloe