just in case you can’t read my facial expressions, it means fuck you.

This week has just been bad so far. I’m barely even thinking I’ll survive till next week. Hoping for the best.

This Monday was arts fest, and blimey was it just tiring. I spent practically the whole day jumping around. In the morning my class successfully evaded attire check, which was pretty great considering I wore the wrong socks and it became unseeable. I took loads of jumpshots with Phebe, Brigitte and Sze Ee. It was really fun. In fact, it was the funnest part about art fest. The preparation was just shut and there is so much behind it I just don’t want to talk about it.

There’s been band everyday with the exception of Monday (due to art fest) and I’ve been practicing really hard for it. So hard that there are braces prints in my mouth, and whenever I play, it just stings as the braces are digging into my mouth. It just hurts allot. Hopefully it’ll get better after NBC. The intensive practice of every day is because NBC is on Saturday! We’ve been practicing really hard. I hope we get at least a gold.

I lost my Chinese text book, and I just can’t find it anywhere. It’s making me really bored in class do I’m just falling asleep most of the time. Today I got caught, and it wasnt at all amusing mind you. Everybody was staring at me when I opened my eyes. whoops. I should learn a thing or two from Jason. Sleeping in class like a boss he.

We met our new history teacher today! Contrary to belief that she was fierce and bitchy, she was just really funny! Maybe it’s because I’m so tired but I couldn’t stop laughing retardedly at her jokes. My math teacher was just cruel in giving us our level test the very first lesson of the term! I wasnt even prepared and I didn’t have a ruler!

I’m just being terribly cranky today. Just so exhausted and I’m having many problems of my own, not adding the piles of peoples problems they want to dump on me. Solve things by yourself. It makes life much easier. Really.

Tomorrow after band practice I’ll probably be going to eat dinner with Nicole! We’ll be eating Burger king because I’ve just been having cravings for that since days ago. I’m about to satiate it tomorrow ;). Theres going to be art lesson tomorrow! I hope well be doing something easy. If not I’ll just die. Too many projects to worry about this term already. Plus I still have to go to Greece next next week.

Anyway I’m really tired so I guess that’s all I’ll be writing this time 🙂 Good night! <3, Chloe.